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Strategic Communication Services

At ICONOCLAST, we understand the unique strengths and challenges that today’s businesses and non-profits face. The competition for attention and dollars is fierce and it’s our aim to provide you with solutions to achieve your fundraising, sales, donor or audience goals.

Nimble and cost-effective, ICONOCLAST’s communication services ensure that you’ll stay within budget and still get standout results!

A well-planned campaign can gain you new clients, help steward donors or amplify your brand awareness, while research and strategy ensure you don’t spend time and money on communication that misses your target.

• Audience and program analysis
• Organizational and marketing plans
• Brand development
• Social and digital media campaigns

Clear, compelling content connects your audience to the value your organization provides. Whether for print or web, your words need to be error-free, easy to understand and set the right tone for your readers.

• Newsletters and email marketing
• Media relations
• Annual and donor reports
• Speech and copywriting

How your brand presents itself visually leaves a lasting impression and underpins how people will recognize you. It’s important that strong graphic design reinforces your communication content and organizes information in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

• Brochures, posters and infographics
• Logotype design
• Advertising and web graphics

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